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Reviewed by:Connie Nagele, Naples 

"I love my Sea Eagles!"

I have been a customer of SeaEagle for over (3) years I have owned (3) SeaEagle kayaks - different models for different kayaking needs and adventures. I started with a Sport since I was new to kayaking - I got hooked and I still have it - I pull it out for company and beginners. My favorite the 385 Fasttrack - I use for fishing trips and when I want to introduce someone to kayaking - it is so stable the right away it alleviates any fears someone may have about kayaking. My third kayak is the 393 Razorlite - I got it for performance and when i am looking to do long kayaking trips. It moves through the water very smoothly.

Recently I developed a leak issue with my Fasttrack and was at my wits end about how to get it fixed. As a last resort - I emailed Will at SeaEagle for advice, we conversed and I sent pictures. To my surprise SeaEagle offered to replace my kayak and immediately sent out a brand new Fasttrack. I have never experienced such easy and cooperative customer service before. I have always bragged about SeaEagle and that won’t stop.

Thank you SeaEagle!

Entered 8/6/2015

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